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The first template libraries are now available at www.ready-media.com. Each is stocked with hundreds of pre-designed pages created as Adobe InDesign® files.

“Designers are freed to concentrate on visual content,” said Ready-Media Partner Robb Rice, New York-based magazine designer who created the first set of Ready-Media magazine templates.


A series of newspaper templates were designed by Eduardo Danilo, one of the worlds foremost newspaper designers, and a Ready-Media partner. “The use of templates can create a better, unified visual brand, while substantially decreasing production time,” Danilo said.

By going to the web site, Ready-Media President Roger Black explained, a designer, editor or publisher can select a package of templates that fit their publication needs.

“Ready-Media provides a design solution for a redesign or a startup, at fraction of the cost of a custom design,” Black said.


The initial offering includes five unique libraries for both newspapers and magazines, and will be followed by “matching” templates for the web, according to Black. “This allows a print publication to publish on the web with same design style and branding, overnight,” he said.

Template libraries include a choice of fonts, carefully curated by The Font Bureau, Inc. general manager Sam Berlow, also a partner at Ready-Media.

Ready-Media can create additional templates and design logos and section headings through its Design Room, which is managed by Rice.

“Never before has it been easier to design great looking newspapers and magazines,” said Berlow.

Available Libraries


A versatile modern design system perfect for any trade, B2B, or corporate publication, available in three unique type palettes

» Lochmoor, a classically elegant library created for city-regional publications, available in two unique type palettes

» Trumbull, a modern design for city-regional publications, available in three unique type palettes

» Gilman, created for enthusiast titles, this classic design has a sturdy framework optimized for strong visuals, and comes in three unique type palettes

» Nosara, featuring a clean and pragmatic design perfect for news content, this modern library is ideal for corporate, trade or B2B publications. Available in two unique type palettes.

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Elegant and efficient, designed to keep the reader focussed on content. A classic suited for large and small dailies. Available in broadsheet and tabloid sizes.

» Sapphire, a utiliarian, energetic design with vast array of layouts. Broadsheet and tabloid.

» Ruby, a bold, clean framework suited for weekly periodicals. Tabloid.

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