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It's OK, you can ask

For unique pages, covers and fronts Ready-Media’s Design Room is ready to custom produce templates for your publication. And our developers are available for content management integration on your system–or ours. We’re standing by for support and advice. Send us an e-mail, or give us a call.


What are explanations of Ready-Media’s terminology/nomenclature?
• Template: A single page or spread document than includes a pre-designed layout with all elements editable.
• Set: A group or series of templates that are usually grouped by section or category (e.g. Sports, Interviews.)
• Library: A .zip file which includes all templates purchased organized in sets or folders to group them by section or category.


Are these templates compatible with Macintosh and Windows?
Yes, Ready-Media Template Libraries work on both Macintosh and Windows. Compatibility to InDesign Creative Suite 2, 3 or 4.

Will Ready Media templates work with my CMS?
If your CMS is based in InDesign they will work. If your CMS does not use InDesign as the page-layout application, it is most likely that you won’t be able to use our templates or take full advantage of them.

Does Ready-Media offer templates for QuarkXPress?


Do I need to be proficient in InDesign to work with Ready-Media templates?
A basic understanding of page layout and InDesign functionality will be helpful but not necesary, due to the well organized and seemless integration of these templates and libraries.

Do I need a background in graphic design to use Ready-Media templates?
No, anyone with a basic understanding of InDesign can follow Ready-Media templates specifications. An experienced graphic designer will find these templates a solid foundation for starting a publication.

What if I need more page configurations within a set?
You can commission additional pages, sets or libraries through the Design Room.

What if I want something slightly different? Can I customize a Ready-Media template?
License holder is free to change, alter or tweak templates. Ready-Media designers can be hired to customize off-the-shelf templates in any number of ways: change format, type point size, colors, flagging, font palette, etc. Altered Templates cannot be transferred to additional publications without a license.

What if I want something completely new? Can I commission a new design?
Yes, Ready-Media designers have developed new and innovative designs for publications world wide. We are prepared to develop new templates for your individual publication or your publication group. Commissioned designs take between 4-8 weeks depending upon complexity. Contact us

Can I commission a template with exclusivity?
No, to keep our prices low, all new designs, whether commissioned as a single page or a complete library, will be added to our product offering to be sold again to new customers. For exclusive design commissions, please contact Roger Black Studio, Inc. or Danilo Black, Inc.

Will my publication’s logo fit in a pre-designed Ready-Media cover template?
Most Cover templates can facilitate your exist logo. If you need assistance in fitting your logo into a cover template, a designer is available to assist you. Contact our Design Room for help!

Can Ready-Media design my publication’s logo?
Yes, this is a Design Room service.


Are the fonts included?
Yes, when you license a package the templates and fonts are bundled. You are licensed to use the fonts on up to 10 computers for one publication.

In what format does Ready-Media deliver its fonts?
Opentype® format, which is used for both Macintosh® and Windows® Postscript fonts are also available.

Can I buy a template without fonts?
No, every Ready-Media template comes bundled with a font palette. However, our designers can create custom font palettes if requested.


Does Ready-Media offer group discounts?
Yes, discounts are based on the number of Libraries and number of publications. Contact us

Does Ready-Media offer on-site consulting? and/or Web based training?
Yes, we will train and assist in the implementation of your publication onsite or via Web Conferencing. Web based trainings are available. Onsite Design Room Trainings are offered for 1 or 2 day sessions. Call for pricing...

Do you have a return policy?
No, but we can arrange Test Licenses for groups.